You are required to analyze and compare the assigned book by author Philip Gourevitch to at least 1 other cases of genocide discussed in class. You should connect your analysis to concepts, definitions and discussions of the course. The paper should have a well-developed thesis statement. Supporting materials must be drawn only from course materials and websites provided in this syllabus. The paper should assess the genocide event, and should include: (1) a discussion of the victims and perpetrators of the genocide (2) what are the defining social characteristics (classes, ethnicity, religion etc) of the groups involved (3) Compare the description to the U.N. definition of genocide. How does the case compare with the Rwanda example? The analysis should be written up in a 5-7 page double-spaced report. I’ll explain it further and provide pictures of the pages from the book since it isn’t available online and I habe a hard copy of it.


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