1. Read these two articles:;


    Write your initial post based off of your readings and any other research you choose to do. There are two parts to the initial post.

    Part 1
    Let’s assume that you won the lottery and can finally build the house of your dreams. We’ll also assume that you’ve always dreamed of this house being built on a shoreline of the Bay, ocean, or tidal river. As a homeowner, what are three (3) topics about coastal flooding that you would want to learn more about before choosing the location of your house?In your post:
    1. list each topic
    2. explain, in general, how each topic relates to coastal flooding,
    3. explain, specifically, for each topic, what data you would like to find in order to feel comfortable about your building location.
    Part 2
    The second topic is a little more broad. Anyone who owns a house has to pay insurance on that house. Claims for houses destroyed from natural disasters can ultimately increase the cost of everyone’s insurance. So, allowing building in more risky environments may lead to increased insurance costs for everyone. Additionally, your tax dollars go into fortifying shorelines and repairing infrastructure after coastal floods. So, you ultimately pay for repairing public utilities destroyed by storm-related flooding.  In your opinion, what are three (3) topics that insurance companies and your local government should know about in order to make educated and reasonable guidelines and restrictions on flood-prone property? Thoroughly explain the impact/role of each topic you choose.


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