Please have read, or be willing to read, the following 2 texts:
1. Gilgamesh
2. Wu Ch’Eng-En’s Monkey (aka Journey to the West) translation by Arthur Waley (it’s important that you use this edition, as he ommited a lot of chapters and sections of the original). If you are unable to obtain this copy please let me know and I will provide you with the specific chapters of the book that are used so you can just read those sections on sparknotes.

Essay topic:
An issue that appears prominently in Gilgamesh and in Monkey is the intense desire for immortality.
•What is the meaning of mortality and death vs immortality and eternal youth as described in Gilgamesh and Monkey?
•What is it’s relation to religion and enlightenment in these tales?
•Describe what drives the desire for immortality (it’s appeal) and what is learned from this.

My professor’s directions:
•Please remember this should be an argumentative essay so somewhere in the first paragraph, you should have a clear and specific thesis that you can defend.

•Use quotes and paraphrases from the texts for evidence to support your argument throughout the paper. Make sure to cite pages and line numbers.

•You should not take on all of the questions listed under the topic. Rather, use some of the questions to produce your own argument.

•Keep the plot summary to a minimum; assume your reader has read these texts, so you don’t need to do extensive review.

•Stay in the present tense when discussing the specifics of any story

•No title page or works cited page needed.

My professor’s essay writing instructions:
Intro paragraph- state your claim or argument towards the beginning of the paragraph  (first or second sentence) and then develop your claim. Focus on what’s in the paper, not broad cliches.
Body paragraphs- first 2 sentences should tell reader your claim and then follow with evidence (quotes and paragraph) and then provide explanation of quote and it’s relevance.
Conclusion- should not just repeat intro or be a summary of your essay. Take a step back and think about what you said and answer/explain why this is important (imagine someone said “so what?” after finishing reading your essay)


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