6210 Marketing Assignment
The main objective of this assignment is to facilitate your understanding of the principles and practices of Marketing Management concepts with an applicable case study. It is intended that you will be able to comprehend and blend the theory with the practice of these disciplines through self-study and case study techniques.
After having gained some understanding of each aspect of Marketing Management by participating in the lectures and discussions, you are expected to read carefully other resources available online on the internet in order to write an assignment in an academic format at MBA level.
The assignment is expected to investigate and assess the Marketing Management conducted by a company of your choice (based local, international or global). The chosen company should be operate globally, but needs to have a local/regional presence e.g. Red Bull, Mercedes Benz, Emirates Airlines, TATA.
Make sure you cover the following Marketing Management concepts as part of your analysis.
– Using the two strategic tools i.e. Brand Architecture – Brand Relationship Spectrum, by Aaker’s & Joachimslather and Yang’s Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) analyze the company’s branding and innovation strategy
– 2-Conduct a PESTLE (External/Macro Analysis) for a country that the company operates within in e.g. UAE if chosen UAE, Russia if chosen Russia (prefer to stick with UAE)
– Undertake a Marketing Mix analysis (4-7Ps)
– How does the organization attempt to understand its consumers, and the typical buying behavior of the company’s consumer
– How does the company Segment, Target and Position its (leading) brand/s
– The company’s Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)Mix analysis, important to include in your discussion the new methods of communication e.g. Social Media
This will help you in achieving a number of module learning outcomes, particularly those related to the analysis and application of information on strategic options, marketing mix, market characteristics and buying behavior.

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