Section 1: First, write a paragraph describing the topic you have chosen and why you have chosen it. Explain what you already know about the subject, what you think you know, what you assume or what you imagine. (10 points)

Section 2: Create an annotated bibliography.

You need to find at least four sources on your chosen topic (you can only have two Internet sources). Sources found in Pioneer Library are not considered “internet” sources.

You are going to complete an annotation for each of the sources you have found. To do an annotation, first put the bibliographic information, then write a complete paragraph discussing the information in the source. Do not simply copy and paste information–it must be in your own words. (40 Points)

Annotated Bibliography Example:

(Bibliography) McPherson, James. To the Best of My Ability: The American Presidents. Dorling- Kindersley: New York, 2001.

(Descriptive Paragraph) This book is an excellent look at the highlight of each President. It contain nearly 500 pages of amazing information that is detailed enough to avoid triviality yet is simple and easy to read. To the Best of My Ability is an outstanding reference book but also includes little known facts about each president. One of my favorite features of this book is the use of specific quotations stated by each president. This book also contains some great pictures of each president. Another handy feature are the side bars which includes tidbits of information such as date of birth, party affiliation, and the major events of the presidency. Each president’s section details their presidency from beginning to end. I choose to look specifically at Richard Nixon for my report. One interesting thing I learned about Nixon was that “in spite of his known flaws, a lot of Americans obviously did like him (267). I was also surprised to read a remark by Adlai Stevenson that “this is a man of many masks… who can say they have seen his real face” (269).

Section 3: This section should be between two and three paragraphs. You need to compare what you originally thought about your subject with what you have learned. Include personal commentary and draw conclusions. You should use the information you found in your research. You should include at least two textual references in your discussion. (20 Points)

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