This is our last assignment!

Silver Stars

Through this project we will celebrate the growth and development of all domains. Reflect on adults age 65 plus who have graced our society (nationally, internationally,or globally recognized) and represent the more modern view of aging. That is, rather than wait for old age to take them, these individuals capitalized on old age and took old age by the horns. Include female and male figures. Select positive and nationally, internationally, or globally recognized individuals.

Create a power point of 10 influential elder (late adulthood) icons who have made lasting contributions to the nation or world in a diversity of fields. I do not want pictures of people who made a contribution when they were young and now they are elderly. I want pictures of people who in their late adulthood have made lasting contributions. They must have made their contributions during this stage of their lives. You may look for poets, writers, journalists, doctors, philosophers, politicians, actors, artists, educators, math, science,religious people, etc. Use various areas and not just one or two. Again, make sure that they made their active contributions during late adulthood. You may choose from different parts of the world. Include 10 elders. They must mean a great deal to you in order for you to select them. But they must be nationally renowned or globally renowned. No grandparents and so on, please. Use formal sources.

What would our sky look like without our Silver Stars!

I look forward to seeing your power-point presentations.


1. You will create 12 frames. A cover page with Assignment Title and any other designs you’d care to put.

2. Then 10 frames, each frame will have a substantial size picture (1/3 to 1/2 page) of a special silver star (deceased or alive role model). The pic must be of them in their late adulthood stage. On each frame, tell me in 2-3 sentences when (year) and where (city, state,nation) they were born; and, what they are remembered or known for.

3. The last frame will be the bibliography. Cite a complete APA format bibliography so that I will know where you got the information from. Do not use wikipedia or similar wiki sources.

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