This paper should be written in MLA style. The intext citation must be APA style and the reference/work cited page should be in APA style as well.

Assignment Two: Problem-Solution Argument

Research requirements: In writing this paper you may use some of the following resources for information: NewsBank, popular periodicals, professional journals, NCLive, books on special topics, etc. At least two of your four sources should be from printed (not online) sources. In this paper we will use APA format for documentation.

This paper will focus on a proposal for the solution of a problem.
Audience: A group that has the authority to implement your solution.
Purpose: To persuade them to implement your proposal.
1) Define a “problem” that you feel needs to be addressed by your audience. Remember that finding a “problem” does not inherently mean looking for something that is “wrong” or “bad.” You might simply think about how things could be improved with a little help.
2) Explain why this problem exists and its importance. Does this problem affect the general population or a selected group? What are its consequences—its positive and negative side effects? To be prepared for any counter arguments, you must also consider whether the current situation has any positive effects. Will your audience oppose your solution because they see only these advantages?
3) Explain what you are proposing to alleviate this problem. How could readers implement your suggestions? How do you think this proposed action might alleviate the problem at hand? Have similar proposals been implemented elsewhere? If they have been unsuccessful, how is your proposal different?
4) Explain why you feel your proposal offers a viable solution. What grounds can you provide to “prove” that your proposal will have the positive effect that you claim it will? What are the costs? Will its benefits outweigh its costs? What effort will be involved in implementing the necessary changes?
5) Structure your argument and develop it appropriately using your notes on the above questions. In some cases you might have to show that a problem exists. In other cases, since your audience will already acknowledge that a problem exists and is important to them, you will need to spend more time justifying your proposal.

Incorporating your research: Your research can help you discover responses to the questions above. You might need research to help you prove that a problem exists in the first place. You might use research to help you create your own proposed solution which might be modeled on actions other groups or people with similar problems have taken. For example: if A’s solution is effective, then you can argue that your similar solution will also be effective. Finally, you might use research to help you justify your response: use research to determine what the cost might be; use research to develop a resemblance argument—have other groups adopted similar proposals successfully? What are some problems that your audience might expect if they do follow your advice, and how might they be prepared to handle the problem?

I will not accept papers about the following topics:
1) Anything about marijuana
2) Anything about abortion

Length: 4-5 doublespaced pages with reference page included

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