1. The question of data interpretation is not fully resolved in business today. Someone must still look at the data and decide what they really mean. Often this is done by the people in marketing research. Defend the proposition that persons in engineering, finance, and production should interpret all marketing research data when the survey results affect their operations. What are the arguments against this position?
2. Describe the potential problem of collinearity and multiple regression. How might a researcher test for collinearity? If collinearity is a problem, what should the researcher do?
3. What are the roles of the research report? Give examples.
4. Why should research reports contain executive summaries? What should be contained in an executive summary?

Course Material:
McDaniel, C., & Gates, R. (2016). Marketing Research Essentials, 9th Edition (9th ed.). John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved November 12, 2016.

must include 2 other references.

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