Your assignment is not a conventional research paper. If you would prefer a conventional thesis research paper as an alternative to this assignment, please speak with me. Page requirements and expected effort will be comparable.)

Step 1: Read ,Watch, Pay Attention
Have you come across anything that reminds you of Developmental Psychology? You may choose from print or online magazine articles (Parents, Parenting, Baby Talk, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, AARP, Reader’s Digest, just to name a few), newspaper articles (online or print), editorials, commentaries, advice columns, media columns, items such as pictures, advertisements, or even comic strips or television shows/movies. Personal experiences work for up to 3 of your essays. (You can change names to protect the innocent.)

Step 2: Summarize
Summarize the item you chose above, being sure to include key details. Name and summarize the class topic that this item relates to. For example, an article about “Octomom” can relate to fertility treatments and ethics in medicine.

Step 3: Give me your reaction
What is your response to this article, column, picture, advertisement, show, or experience?
• Does this item agree with the research in our text? Is it a good fit? Why or why not? Now is the time to really think about how developmental psych research touches our lives. For instance, anyone can give advice. You may find an article written by a celebrity that praises co-sleeping with your infant and makes a lot of claims about the benefits of doing so. This celebrity is not a psychologist or pediatrician; they may or may not have valid points backed up by research. Your job is to evaluate the claims being made; critically think about how the claims made by this person are either supported wholly, partially, or not at all by the research and theory in the science of psychology.

• If you choose a personal experience, what issues, theories, or findings does your experience exemplify? Does information from lecture or the textbook give you some clarity or a greater understanding of the experience? Does your experience support or challenge the research?

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 through 3 until you have six essays.
–You do not have to pick from 6 different chapters, but please pick 6 different topics. That is, don’t choose to do more than one essay pertaining to teratogens, but any other topic in chapter 4 is fine. Remember: No more than three of your six responses can be personal experiences.
–Please include a photocopy of the article/editorial/column/picture/cartoon strip that you are using and cite the source. If the article is long (more than 4 pages), then you do not need to make a copy but please give me a full bibliography for the source. If this is an online article, no need to photocopy as long as you give me the direct url address so I can find

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