You are asked to write a 4 to 6 page paper (12 point type, 1.5 spacing). Papers will be graded based on the following criteria: excellent grammar and spelling, clear and thoughtful organization, good use of sources that are cited in notes and bibliography, and originality of argument. You should pick one of the topics below:

Topic I: The Lasting Impact of Antiquity.

From the 1450 to the 1850s, artists and architects discovered, analyzed, explored and copied the art of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Describe at least three different ways in which artists interacted with the art of Antiquity. How did each of the artists or artworks you’ve selected as examples use Antiquity to inform the concerns of the period. Be sure to cite specific examples of works of art and use at least 3 sources beyond your text book.

Topic II: Art and the Self

It can be argued that whether they are painting self-portraits, or portraits of other people, or even other types of subjects, artists are always representing themselves. If you agree with this thesis, select three examples of works of art and discuss how they support it. Be sure also to use at least 3 published sources beyond your text book.

Topic III: Artistic Influence Today

Of the artists and architects we have studied, who do you think has the greatest influence today? If you select this topic, be sure you have a very clear idea of which artist you are selecting and why. You must be able to show how the influence is manifested today in either popular culture or high art. This is a bit tricky since we have not been studying the present. Be sure to include very specific examples, and use at least 3 published sources beyond your textbook.

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