Choose one (1) from the following four (4) topics:

Aboriginal Issues
ie. Land issues
Canadian Tuition
ie. International vs Domestic fees
ie. Government funded tuition
Rent control
ie. Vancouver house market too high for locals to afford vs taxes put on international home owners
ie. Government survallience
ie. data storage – Cloud stores Canadian’s information in the US
ie. Social media collection and usage of personal data
For your term paper, you must be specific on the topic you are analyzing and the location (within Canada) you are focusing on.
The four themes above are just that – “themes” which need to be broken down into a specific issue (as per problem statement guidelines).

Email me if (1) you are unsure if your desired topic is either an ethical dilemma OR a CSR opportunity, or (2) you are unsure if said topic is within the scope of the above themes. Do not email me to ask to write on a theme outside of the above given topics. They are all already very broad.

Rubric will be posted soon!

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