Develop your own academic argument in order to analyze (objectively) and interpret (subjectively) an issue or exhibit, with the help of another argument or position and another exhibit. The choice of topics is up to you. I have provided a list of sample topics that you may choose from or adapt, or you may decide on another topic, but you should consult with me to make sure you are on the right track. The other argument or position should be from a published source, e.g. a website, a review of a concert or CD, relevant passages from a book, or a scholarly or journalistic article. The second exhibit could be another piece of music, video, etc. To execute this assignment successfully, you must (1) summarize the argument or position to which you are responding (“they say”); (2) advance a position or claim of your own (“I say”); and (3) support your position or claim through analysis and interpretation of the particular exhibits.

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