Assignment: Critically discuss the current internal and external influences on curriculum development for your healthcare profession

MSc in Leadership in Health Professions Education
It’s 4000 words assignments.
The marking grid is attached.
I should get a mark hopefully no below than 65 out of 100.
I have to get in contact with writer the he/she prefer during the writing process.
The deadline is 30-11-2016 but I have to submit a draft at least 10 days before the deadline to my teacher.
As I am a psychiatry resident, in this assignment I would like critically discuss the current the curriculum of our residency program.
I have attached some of the references, there is more. We have been advised to as many as we can. I can provide more. We have access to the online library which containce ebooks and journal.
I have to do 6 assignments this is the first one. I prefer to stick to one writer

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