Paper topic: You will write a paper on the god/goddess that was selected in class. Each of these god/goddess’s stories are different, so it is hard to give exact guidelines for the type of information you need to give; however, here are some starting point:
– Take a point of view on your god/goddess. Do not just give a summary!
– Find stories that talks about what your god/goddess’s role is
– Give the characteristic of your god/goddess
– Talk about the god’s place in the pantheon
– Does your god/goddess fit within one of the Archetypes? If so, explain.
– Talk about the function your god/goddess might serve or the function the story about your god/goddess might serve
– May be look at the methodologies/theories that were presented in the Intro to Myths PP. Is that info relevant for your god/goddess?
– Are there rituals relating to you god/goddess? What are/were they? Are they still preformed?
– Does that god/goddess influence anything in today’s society?

PAPER REQUIREMENTS: Each paper will be 3 full pages of writing plus a Works Cited and a cover sheet. The paper will needed to be printed out to turned in. Papers should be typed; double-spaced; with one-inch margins at top, bottom, and sides; 12 point font; and in Times New Roman font. Do not use a crazy font that makes the written part of your paper longer!
〈 Paper due dates is on the calendar.
〈 The paper will be turned in online in the Safe Assignment format. This software checks for plagiarism.
〈 Late Papers will receive a half letter grade drop for every single day, including EACH weekend day, they are late.
〈 SOURCES: Papers will be based on materials presented in class but might require a bit of research on the part of the student. If so, all sources must be appropriate for college level. No *encyclopedias, *Encarta, *dictionaries, blogs or internet (unless academic sites) will be accepted for the papers. WIKIPEDIA is not an appropriate source. Internet sources only count as one source. The other sources need to be print material. * For these above sources, they can be used within a paper; however, they do not count as one of your 3 sources. Please do cite them.
〈 Make sure you cite your sources in your paper
〈 The Works Cited page will need to be in MLA or Chicago Style! I will not grade a paper without a Work Cited page.
〈 The paper should be written in the Five Paragraph Essay format.
〈 Have a clear thesis statement
〈 Cover sheet should include the student’s name, assignment title, class and section.
〈 Number your pages begins on the first page of the paper not the cover sheet!
〈 Papers should be stapled in the left hand corner!
〈 The papers will be evaluated on the content, spelling, and grammar. Please spell-check AND proofread your papers.
〈 I do take off if these directions are not followed!

PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. (This includes a “recycled” paper) Plagiarism in the paper of any sort will result in an “0” for the paper and there will be no make-ups!

5 paragraph essay style!
This is a typical essay style. What is meant by this is NOT that the paper is only 5 paragraphs but is broken up into more of a grouping around the number 5.

*What you will need to do is tell me what you are going to tell me. Tell me it. Last, tell me what you told me!

I. Thesis should show up in first or section paragraph– Good thesis statement to tell me what you are writing about
i. Idea 1 – Could be explanation of each of the myths
ii. Idea 2 – Contrast
iii. Idea 3 – Comparisons.

II. Idea 1 is discussed – Use this idea to title each section

III. Idea 2 is discussed – Use this idea to title each section

IV. Idea 3 is discussed – Use this idea to title each section

V. Conclusion in which you restate ideas 1, 2, & 3

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