An audit of HRM practices within an organization

Assignment Title : Individual Project : ‘An audit of HRM practices within an Organization’

Note : Please feel free to disguise the organization’s name, if required.

Purpose : The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to critically analyze the HRM function within your organization, compare and contrast current practices with what has been covered during the course, and to recommend suitable enhancements to current practices.

Format and broad sequence to be followed :

-Format : An essay format may be used, with the submission containing an introduction, main body, conclusion, references and appendices, if required.

-Broad sequence (optional) :

• A brief history and background of your organization, not exceeding 10 lines.

• A clear description of the HR department within your organization : when it was set up, what sub divisions it contains, the role it plays and effectiveness, the wider organization’s perceptions of HR, etc, not exceeding 3 pages.

• A more detailed / technical description of the department, in various terms [Eg : Soft vs hard HR; Traditional / Transactional/Transformational HR ; HR role based on Ulrich’s model; A SWOT analysis of the department’s sub divisions; the reporting structure and its appropriateness, etc. About 5 pages.
[Note : This sections should contain constant comparisons between ‘actual vs theory’ , and ‘wider reading’ is highly encouraged]

• Compulsory Questions to be answered :

1-Does the HR function within my organization play a ‘strategic role’ as defined by theory ? If ‘yes’ please justify. If ‘no’, please also justify. If the answer is ‘No’, please explain briefly why it is so.

2- What three specific steps could be taken to enhance the effectiveness of the HR function within my organization.
Key assessment criteria:
Creation of a coherent, compelling case, display of depth, originality, quality and quantum of comparisons drawn to theory, and evidence of wider reading.

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