Automobile Industry: Ford

Use the automobile Industry. You can choose the car company if needed.
I will attach a sample report and my last essay that has some information about the Automobile Industry
This part of the project consists of generating a list of the major social and environmental issues that a company in this industry must be aware of. The following information should be included:
• Identify and describe eight to ten significant social and environmental issues relevant to your industry. Sources for this information include:
o Current media
o Industry white papers on Bloomberg
o MSCI ESG database
o CSR, Corporate Citizenship, and/or Sustainability reports and web pages of the major participants in your industry
• For each issue you should include:
o A brief description of the issue and how it affects companies in your industry and their stakeholders
o Why this issue is important to companies in the industry
• Please number your issues and make a heading for each. See the sample report on Blackboard.
• Identify the two or three (one for each team member) issues that you think are the most important social or environmental issues facing this industry. Be sure to explain why you think these are the most important issues. These issues will be analyzed in detail in Part III.
• Your paper should have an introduction and a conclusion.
Remember to use APA citation style and include a list of references in alphabetical order

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