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You will do this by first completing an Internet-based review and research on companies that have a strong presence in B2B marketing. The attached Seigal and Gale article gives examples of companies that meet this profile.

Write a one page proposal (Word document) on the company you select as the focus for your B2B marketing project.

In your proposal explain why you chose this company along with what you see as characteristics of their current B2B strategy. Use all of the course resources at your disposal including the company website to help you understand and articulate what you see as their B2B markets and strategy.

One of the goals of this project is for you to prepare a revised branding strategy for the company. In your proposal include your early thoughts on how you might re-brand some or all of your company’s strategy and why.

I attached my company and article.

qualitative study
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First, describe a quantitative study to address the issue that your consultant group has selected. What would be your research question? How will you select your sample to make sure that your study has external validity? What factors would affect the internal validity of your study?
Describe a QUANTITATIVE Study and then compare and contrast internal and external validity. Which do you think is most important in answering your research question? Give an example of internal or external validity from the studies related to your research question.

Second, plan a qualitative study related to your issue. Which qualitative design would you use? How will you make sure that the information you obtain is trustworthy? How is trustworthiness in qualitative research similar and different from reliability and validity?

Hopefully, you will have found a qualitative study in assignment 2 that you could use for this assignment. If not, chose a qualitative study related to a topic of interest to you. What have you learned from this study? Were the method and conclusions clear? Were you left wondering about anything? What more could the researcher(s) have done to convince you that the results rang true?

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