Banking Industry

Max words: 2500
Harvard style referencing

1.apply and evaluate techniques for the strategic analysis of the organisation’s competitive environment as the context for effective IT systems strategy development
2. critically appraise the role of IT systems strategies in contributing to sustainable competitive advantage

Assessment Details (Report 2 – 2,500 words)
1. Banking Top Management Team have recently stated that Competitive Intelligence, critical thinking and Competitive Advantage has become a vital IT Strategy for banking industry’s success. Prepare a report that critically analyses the contribution of competitive intelligence, critical thinking and competitive advantage to an information technology strategy for the success in banking industry in this century (50 marks).
2. Examine and critically analyse the relevance of Information Technology to the banking industry. Argue for and against strategic delivery and achievements in the services that you have researched on banking industry that are using technology to achieve excellence. Illustrate your answer using established frameworks such as SWOT or Porter or other relevant models with examples relating to the banking industry as discussed in module material (35 marks).

Prepare a report of approximately 2,500 words, informing Banking Top Management Team of the importance of these (1 and 2 above). This should carry a critical analysis of the issues involved. Excellent reports will give a succinct overview introduction, critical content in the main body and a well-rounded conclusion & recommendations capturing main points in both part 1 and 2 of the reports. Please note that both reports are related and therefore allows for an in-depth discussion to ensue.

3. The referencing should conform to the ‘House style –Harvard’ which can be seen in ‘Quote, Unquote’ handbook to avoid losing marks in both ‘in the text citation and bibliography (including appendices, grammar, spellings) (15 Marks). .

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