Vancouver is one of the green cities in the world located in the coast of British Columbia mainland in Canada. This city has a serene environment which is coupled attractive beaches and magnificent architectural work. The beaches are extensive and are covered with fine sand which provides a comfortable sunbathing venue e.g. Jericho beach. The sea curves inwards to the city such that some infrastructural aspects are fused into the scene. A bridge connecting two sides separated by water presents a case of unique work of art and technology. The vastness of the beach is enhanced by the water that continuously slowly washes across the sand shores. Around these beaches are small scale vegetation that adds the natural appeal to the environment.
The architectural showdown in this city is worth noting as most of the commercial buildings assume unique geometry and extends to several floors above the ground. Most of the building exhibit rare polychromic appearance and creative finishing that adds aesthetic effect to the city. Environment care is given significant weight by fitting litter bins in all the buildings. A beautiful presentation of flora and fauna dots the surrounding of the buildings and forms a ring around it vast coastline beaches. Vancouver has nature parks with a very green scene with a variety of vegetation cover and some animals. Some of the parks extend into the beaches forming a great tourism avenue and sustainable environmental care. Some of the beaches are characterized by thrilling mountain-and-city vistas. A vivid description of this city is not complete without mentioning the Vancouver international airport which stretches over great miles and forms the key infrastructural items on sight. Its location on an Island in Richmond offers a perfect viewpoint of the larger city on and off flight.

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