Behaviour Change/ FBA (Functional Behavioural Assessement)


Nam of course is (Behaviour Management of Exceptional Students)

The questionis: Choose a student with a behaviour problem.

1- Write up anecdotal observation notes from an observation (30 min long). Make sure to include the setting and everything that is going on during the observation.
2- Make an ABC chart from the observation notes(available on file i will upload it)
3-Construct notes from teacher and parent (and student, if applicable) interviews.
4-Create any other data/forms that you feel would be helpful/necessary.
5- Using the data from the forms/interviews,complete the Functional Behavioural Assessement form (available on file i will upload it)
6- Using all of the information above, design a Behaviour Intervention Plan (use form available on file i will upload it ) for the student.

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