This should be a graduate school level paper on food policy. 4000 words maximum; 3800 words minimum.

The research topic should evaluate the development effectiveness of food aid [does it reduce hunger? poverty? does it improve quality of life? economic livelihoods?]. I want to know about the intended and unintended consequences of food aid. Please use two case studies to compare the benefits and negative consequences of food aid – please use the united states and the donor country.

If there is room – you can include a comparison – cash vs. food for development assistance.

The original paper assignment information is below: You will be asked to write a substantive paper on a research question of your choice that was touched upon during class or in the readings. You can be creative in what your focus on but the statements in your case study need to be well supported by the literature and referenced. The study can have a global or regional focus or drill down to national, sub-national or community issues. The research question must be cleared two weeks before the due date by the Instructor – by April 26th. The case study should be 4,000 words (not including footnotes or references) and include a maximum of 5 figures. Cases are worth 40% towards the final grade.

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