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BIOL students,

Attached again is the NEJM primary article “Crizotinib versus Chemotherapy in Advanced ALK-Positive Lung Cancer.”

The assignment for Tuesday, March 22 is to create a much-more-complete version of the homework paper that you created for the
March 10 assignment.
[Note: You might want to look back at the description of that prior assignment, which you can find in the Email Archive of

For this assignment, focus on what -numerical- information the article failed to include, and be -specific- about that. (It
does little good to be vague.)

I suggest that you create a table to organize your paper. The table could have two columns: one column for explaining, one
point at a time (e.g., one point per row of the table), what data the article -failed- to include, and with a second column
for explaining what related data (i.e., data relevant to that failure) the article -did- include, where in the article.

Also, I suggest that you organize the data “failures” that you list in your table by categories, such as by these categories:
– Survival
– Tumor sizes
– Adverse events
– Patient-reported outcomes/Quality of Life
[And as was mentioned in class, the two Quality of Life Questionnaires (QLQ-C30 and QLQ-LC13) that were used in this study
can be found in the Resources section of Oncourse. So, you have easy access to them.]
– Starting characteristics of subjects and their tumors (when entering the trial)

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