How significant birds are to the safety of the aviation industry?

Your paper should capture the issues, regulation, your analysis and conclusion based on your research. These four sections are a must. you will have to conduct actual research, for example, conducting interviews, analyzing statistical data, examining archives.
Choice of research topic:
The topic I would like to brief about is birds impact on aircraft around the airports.
Research problem:
How significant birds are to the safety of the aviation industry?
Research design/Methods:
I plan on to interview professor, he teaches aviation safety at the college. And, I think it would be best option to have his view on the safety of aviation in terms of birds affecting the airports. His firsthand knowledge will help me guide answer the research problem.
I may also use the available National Transportation Safety Board?s archive of accidents and incidents that involved the birds as primary cause of accidents. This is a great way to broaden the view and get real time findings and results.
Plus, literature review and journals written in this context will aid me answering questions like difference between accidents and incidents.
Analyzing the chosen design of research to determine and confirm my research problem.
Gather all of my information and write a well-produced paper with my findings and research.

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