Blast at Centralia #5.

Welcome to the Blast at Centralia #5 Role Play.Your first task is to prepare a memorandum outlining the goals, strategies, and positions of your character in the role play. This memorandum is addressed to the Chicago Tribune, the foremost newspaper in the state and region. Post your memorandum in this 02 Discussion area. You should address who is responsible for the tragedy. Be prepared to defend the interests, values, and prerogatives of your character in the role play. The character is Robert Weir.
Your memorandum is your preparation for a background interview with reporters at the Tribune. Your job is to explain who is responsible for this tragedy… be sure to lay the blame clearly, so the press will know and other players will know who to hold accountable… Have fun! If you do not have a role which is clearly and explicitly in the case, use your imagination in your letter to the editor and role playing perspectives.


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