A Book Analysis Guide for
The Assassination of Julius Caesar by Michael Parenti

4 Pages Minimum, BOTH sets of points must be addressed.

Points to Examine

1. Examine the term “Gentlemen’s History”: How has “Gentlemen’s History” affected our understanding of the key events surrounding, and our conceptions of the career of Julius Caesar, and about his allies, and his adversaries? In this vein, examine Dr.Parenti’s own treatment of Cicero as an example illustrating all aspects of Gentlemen’s History he examines.

2. How does Dr. Parenti’s examination of “Gentlemen’s History” shed light on socio-political realities in our own day? Drawing upon your text, how has “Gentlemen’s History” been used by current ideological, economic and political elites to preserve unequal and exploitive socio-political and socio-economic arrangements through history, and how do they continue doing so today? How do these elites resort to “Gentlemen’s History” to discredit, undermine, or otherwise neutralize opposing arguments and interpretations?

1. Must address BOTH sets of points asked for on guide.
2. Must be 4 pages or longer.
3. Double-spaced.
4. Font no bigger than 12 points.

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