This is a 10 page, single spaced book report. The book is “White Like Me” by Tim Wise. The professor did not give written guideline but did discuss what is important. He wants the book report to cover INTRODUCTION, SUMMARY, STRUCTURE, CHARACTERS, THEMES.

Introduction – is just background on the author, some information on his life, intro into the novel, maybe why he wrote novel etc.

Summary – is just that, a summary of the entire book

Structure – he wants to know how the book was written, in what format, if it was in chronological order or not. how the chapters are spilt, if their are chapters, etc. (i know my professor is strange)

Characters – info on all the characters discussed in the novel

Theme- all the themes the book has

The assignment is not really difficult. Recently I’ve been short of time and in need of some help. Hopefully someone has read this novel and has it available. If not I’m perfectly fine with factoring the price of the book into the price of the job.

There are no specific page guideline for each section. For example each section does NOT have to be 2 pages each it just needs to be 10 pages total. Also title each section above it so they are separated.

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