BSBMGT608 – Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement/ASSESSMENT 1: PROJECT WORK I
1. Complete a SWOT analysis and process map specific to your organisation. Provide details which should
be taken into account when developing strategies for innovation.
2. Which sources would you use when attempting to identify trends relevant to your business? How should
such information be stored and presented when outlining innovative ideas?
3. Provide details of the digital channels used in the promotion of your business. Are there any other forms of
digital marketing which may prove effective?
4. Select and research a well-known business entrepreneur. Provide details of five key strategies which have
played a part in the success of this figure.
5. How does your organisation grant approval for the implementation of innovative ideas? Are there any steps
that could be taken to improve the speed and efficiency of the approval process?
6. What methods could be used to limit the negative impacts of change within your organisation?
7. What methods may your business use to record information about the success or failure oi innovative
strategies? How should this information be stored?

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