Building a Theoretical Security Program

The security function must be effectively embedded in the broader organizational structure. Present a model in which this

can be most effectively accomplished based on a given organization. Throughout your paper you should:

>Define and provide background on the organization (do not provide actual names of organizations or individuals)
> Present the model defining why it is most appropriate for the context of the organization
>Support your assessment of the model as being most appropriate with sources as indicated in the syllabus

Essentially you are making up a theoretical organization and telling the reader how and why you would set up your security

program. You should start by getting an organization in your mind without naming it, list some demographics, explain how

its management system works, expand it to placing a security program within that organization. Explain how you would put

security into your organizational chart, explain what type of organization you are, for profit, non-profit, government

etc.. explain how ethics come into play within your program. Think of the information from chapter 1,9 & 2, and I realize

Chapter 2 has not been assigned but specifically, look at page 30 of the book, the bullet points give you some topic ideas

for the paper.
The book that is in reference to those chapters above is McCrie, R. (2007). Security operations management, 2nd edition.

New York: Butterworth-Heinemann. Let me know if you can not get this information. I will try to attach something for it if

need be.
You can discuss litigation that has occurred because of inadequate security proprietary versus contract security etc…

Find cases on Westlaw Next, that can serve as one of your resources.


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