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2000 words
Write a 2000-word (+/- 10%) report that compares and contrasts management theory with your practical experiences of running an enterprise in SimVenture. You should draw on theory learnt both in this module and other relevant modules undertaken to date.
Your report should cover the four main functional areas of SimVenture: Sales & Marketing, Finance, Operations and Organisation, using examples drawn from the game to highlight similarities, differences and limitations of relevant theory within the context of the game.
You should also discuss the overall strategy / strategies you adopted to grow your business within the SimVenture environment, again discussing the similarities, differences and limitations of relevant theory within the context of the game.
You are NOT being asked to write about the ‘real world’ implications of the simulation: this report should compare the simulation against theory only.
The word count excludes references, appendices and your executive summary. For guidelines on report writing, please see the relevant guide on the Study Skills section of Moodle. References should be presented in Harvard format.
Learning outcomes assessed are:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of the key elements of the start-up and growth of a new enterprise, including the role of entrepreneurship.
2. Apply the principles of enterprise start-up and growth within either a real world or simulated business.

Important note English is my second language so please do not use complex, or, sophisticated, and fancy language. Make it simple and easy. Also, the report will be upload to plagiarism examination website, so please use references, and Harvard British standard referencing style plus in text citation.

I want the level of writing for the two assessment above in level C in order to not be caught by the marker, because I often get C or D, and make sure one writer write both reports.

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