Can regulators avoid the next financial crisis?
Paper details:

You are free to use any hypothesis and the variables as long as your analysis is meaningful and tackles the research
question. The written report should be strictly no more than 2000 words. However, the quality of the content is more
important than the length. Full references must be provided and quoted clearly in the reference section. Needless to say that
the report findings should be substantiated and explained with the appropriate published literature. You will collect your
dataset based on the literature published in the academic journals You may use to download your essay data set (balance sheet
& income statements) following possible databases: i) SNL Financial ii) Bankscope (note that the sample period might be
short) iii) for FDIC all reports from 1992: iv) FED Chicago
commercial bank data: v) FED Chicago
bank holding company data: vi) for updated
bank and bank holding company list: vii) for aggregate bank financial information: viii) if needed OCC database for detailed market-level data:

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