Capitalism vs Socialism and liberalism is an allie

Topic: Capitalism vs Socialism and liberalism is an allie

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Send me your research question and an annotated bibliography (see page 266) with at least eight sources (the ones you have researched already). Remember, at least five of these sources must come from a library database, not just an Internet web site. Also, five of your authors must be arguing a point. Your annotations of these five authors should show clearly what point they are arguing. These five annotations should look similar to the sample annotation under the March 22 entry of this syllabus. The other three authors can be merely informing. Be sure to annotate the informative articles, too. Submit your response in an MS Word file that you attach to the Assignments page in Canvas

Please include these two in the list of 8;

Wolfe, Alan. “Obama vs. Marx.” The New Republic. 240. 9(2009). Web. 22 March 2016.
In this article, Wolfe sets about to dispel the argument that Obama is a socialist. He explains that Obama is in fact a liberal, which is by his description much different that a socialist. Smith points out that through some of Obamas plans, he embraces capitalistic principles, which are in opposition to socialism.

Williams, Richard. “Capitalism vs Socialism Why Both Clinton and Sanders are Wrong.” The Fiscal Times. (2015). Web. 24 March 2016

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