Capi´tulo 4 Forecasting at Hard Rock Cafe.


Capi´tulo 4 Forecasting at Hard Rock Cafe.

After watching the video above, read the short case study on page 150 in your textbook. Complete the five discussion questions attached and submit via this assignment link. Question 5 will be Extra Credit based on your level of success.

NOTE: Question #5 is now an “Extra Credit” question.

•If you correctly solved the problem, you will receive the full 20 “Extra Credit” points..

•If you attempted a solution, and provided me with how you tried to solve it, you will receive partial credit based upon the work completed..

•If you did not attempt to solve the problem, you will not receive “Extra Credit” points..

The video is on youtube under “Capi´tulo 4 Forecasting at Hard Rock Café”


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