capstone paper


Project instructions:

Develop and submit to your mentor for review the fifth chapter of your capstone paper, Chapter 5: Summary and Discussion.

The overall purpose of this chapter is to state the contribution of your capstone project to a particular discipline or field of study. This is the SO WHAT? chapter that gives the reasons for your work.

Keep in mind that readers may skip your entire first four chapters and read ONLY Chapter 5. Thus, all the necessary information MUST be included here.

Your Chapter 5 should be structured according to the outline given below, which lists the different subheadings you need to include. Consult the explanations given for guidance regarding what information to include under each of these subheadings:


This is based on the introductions in Chapters 1, 3, and 4. Present the focus of the capstone project. Use referenced information from Chapter 2, with appropriate in-text citations to provide reader with background material.

?Statement of Problem:

Copy this from Chapter 1. Include the major question and sub questions you have researched.

?Review of Methodology:

Explain what you did to research your project, but avoid going into any detail. Give a general explanation of how you carried out your research.

?Summary of Results:

Return to Chapter 4. Review each sub question and what you learned from the research. Separate each sub question as a subheading. Interpret the results of each sub question to enable the reader to understand how these results answered the major question.

?Relationship of Research to the Field:

Explain how your research supported or did not support the research described in your draft of Chapter 3. Use referenced material and in-text citations to validate your research.

?Discussion of Results:

What was the significance of your findings? Explain how your work adds to the body of knowledge in your field.


Provide a concluding section that explains how your project answered the major question that served as the impetus for your study and research.


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