Pin ItBased on the information in this week’s required reading from the text (Carey, 2014), develop a tool to explain learning theory to your students and/or their parents. Make the writing accessible to the age/audience you are addressing.
You have several choices to make in this assignment:
Identify your focus audience—students of a particular age, parents, or, if you are not a classroom teacher, some other group of constituents or professionals.
Determine what product you would like to create. The possibilities are open, but could include materials such as:
A lesson plan for a lesson about how we learn that you might like to do with your students at the beginning of the year
A welcome letter, handout, or brochure for parents explaining how learning theory is informing your pedagogy for the year
A visual that you have created to present information about learning to your staff or colleagues (particularly appropriate if you are not a classroom teacher)
A video that explains learning for your students
Your final assignment submission should include:
A short explanation of what you have created and why you chose to make that particular tool (this can be a short, 1-page paper separate from the actual product)
The actual product you will use with students, parents, or colleagues
A reference page that supports the citations you included in your product
Review the rubric before you complete the assignment to ensure you are meeting the expectations.
Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

How We Learn (Carey, 2014)
Chapter 1: The Story Maker
Chapter 2: The Power of Forgetting
Chapter 3: Breaking Good Habits
Chapter 4: Spacing Out
Chapter 5: The Hidden Value of Ignorance

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