Case Analyses

Each student is responsible for submitting three case analyses (located at the back of the textbook) during the course. The student is responsible for answering the questions located at the back of each assigned case. Each question will be included (“listed”) in the case analysis, with the answer immediately following it. Case Analyses memorandums should be typed, single-spaced using 11-point Times New Roman font, with a one-inch border (all-the-way-around the 8.5-inch by 11-inch page). Each paragraph should be indented and a space placed between each paragraph. The maximum length of the student’s case analysis is two pages. The case analysis heading should include the following:

To: Thomas A. Hemphill

From: Student Name

Date: Date of Submission

Subject: Name of Case

Question 1: Write It Out!

The case analysis memorandum is to be handed in during the class in which it is due. The case analyses are individual assignments.

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