Case study

Background information:

Patient data is used in a variety of contexts by health care providers and organizations so continuous monitoring of user access to authorized parts of patient information is vital to securing this PHI and ensuring confidentiality. An example of how vulnerable patient information can be is outlined in the General Hospital Security Disaster Case Study which you should read in detail. As you will see from reading the case study, General Hospital is in desperate need of an Information Security (InfoSec) Document which you have been hired to create for the hospital.
To prepare for this Application Assignment, review the assigned readings, the case study, and the sample InfoSec documents (in the toolbox) and write a 2- to 4-page paper that describes the incident management and compliance security sections for GH’s InfoSec Security Policy Document. You should include an introductory section outlining the security issues in the case study that your recommendations will address and how they will help mitigate these concerns moving forward for General Hospital

Chapters 18,19 and 20 are required reading to understand the requirements below.

1. Write the incident management section. This is to be 1 page
2. Write the compliance security section. This is to be 1 page
3. Review the uploaded InfoSecDocPaper, this is the complete paper to date.
Finally, using the InfoSecDocPaper document attached. A new updated conclusion needs to be written that sums up the entire paper, including the two new sections added will need to be done. This new conclusion that sums up the entire paper, including the new parts you have added should be also 1 page in length.

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