Case study

A case study analysis is a critical exercise, which includes a thorough examination of a particular situation and a perspective for recommendations. As you read your case study, think critically about what your response will include. This is not just a summary of what you are reading.

A list of global health case studies is provided for you on Blackboard. Pick one case study and write a 4-page critical analysis containing the required components. Assignment will be submitted on Blackboard via Turnitin AND a paper copy must also be submitted to the Professor.

Case Study Analysis must address the following questions:
Provide a brief summary of the case study.
What are the main issues of the case study?
What are the implications of the case study?
How is the case study related to issues covered in this Global Health course?
Based on what you have learned in this class, provide suggestions on how these issues can be addressed. What would you recommend — and why?

Your answers should be supported with a minimum of 2 peer reviewed journal articles and information from 2 reputable global health sites. The case study analysis should be in APA format, i.e. double spaced Times New Roman font with a title page and a reference page for any references used in the review. NOTE: include the name/title of the case study that you chose on the title page


  1. (half a page) Evaluate the following argument used by Sam from the standpoint of Louis Pojman.  In your treatment of the argument answer the following questions:  a. What position is does this argument support?  How would Pojman address this argument?

    A dentist named Sam is examining a child’s teeth, and decides to drill into a perfectly health tooth, because he likes to hear the child scream.    When confronted by his assistant who intervenes he says:

    “What do you mean what I am doing is wrong?  That is a value judgment that I resent.”  “Besides, that is just your opinion.  In my opinion it’s ok and I enjoy it.”  Now go get the X-rays I told you about that show this child’s tooth is decayed!

    2.  (1 and a half pages) Evaluate Scanlon’s argument based on his example of the “water dispute” in the article we read.  Place yourself into the position of both the landowner with the water and the other landowners seeking water rights.  Do you think that you could come to a “reasonable” decision – in the sense that Scanlon uses the term, or do you believe that  we could only solve the dispute by appeal to rationality in the sense use by the Utilitarian or the Kantians?  Explain.


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