Case Study 2: Inappropriate Use for PointsOrder Instructions:
You are the health care administrator overseeing the operations at New Haven Wound Treatment Center. You have noticed that several of the nurse managers and nurses have increased recommendations to physicians on using a new product, Healthy Healing, for patients in the wound treatment center. You have received complaints from some physicians in the wound treatment center that have indicated that the nurses are quite insistent and appear to be ignoring doctor’s orders for treatment on using a different product that is less expensive and just as efficacious.
You decide to do a walk-through in the wound treatment center. You meet with the nurse managers and hold a brief meeting with the nurses during their breaks to determine why Healthy Healing is considered a superior product. While the nurse managers and nurses appear to quote material from a sales brochure highlighting the benefits of using Healthy Healing, you are familiar with the other products that doctors have used over several years that have contributed to successful and effective results for patients in the wound treatment center.
As you wrap up your meetings and walk-through, you overhear a nurse manager discussing her newest purchase that she was able to get as a result of HH points. The nurse manager exclaims, “Next month, I will be sure to use enough Healthy Healing so that I can earn the HH points needed to get that trip for two to Paris!” You cannot help but feel that this represents a direct conflict of interest and decide to approach the nurse manager about the HH points system. The nurse manager is surprised to see you and begins explaining how for every instance of Healthy Healing used, nurses receive various points. The more Healthy Healing product used, the more points the nurses earn. These points, called HH points, can then be used to trade in for various products and goods in the Healthy Healing catalog.
You ask the nurse manager if she sees a problem with this and she immediately defends back, “Those sales people walk up and down these halls every week. If the hospital or center did not want us to use these products and take advantage of the perks, they would not allow them to be here in the first place.”
You immediately determine that this does indeed present a problem and you organize a meeting with the CEO of the New Haven Wound Treatment Center to initiate the cancellation of the Healthy Healing points system.
Individual Case Study Analysis (1 pages):
• Create an individual Case Study Analysis that includes:

1. A summary of the facts associated with the case, including the primary leaders

2. A description of skills and traits of the primary leaders in this case


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Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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