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As a systems analyst working within a software developmentorganization you have been given the task of producing aPROPOSAL for the development of a new system, to meet the following requirements;

Membership management and subscription renewal

Books collection and payment control

Adding more books to the existing system

Managing books in different categories and enable easy searching

Back-up and restoring system when necessary
The system development must focus on cost efficient methods but importantly must fully meet the above requirements in a short development time scale.

Task 1
i.Identify the functions and purpose of each stage of a systems development life cycle (SDLC)
ii.Compare the most widely used life cycle models and their corresponding development methodologies
iii.For the given case study briefly state with reasons a suitable systems development life cycle and a development methodology.

Task 2
i.Analyse and discuss the importance of accurately capturing the functional requirements of a software system.
ii.Outline the strategies you would propose for the above case study.

Task 3
i.Design a solution for the specified case study requirement using;

a.An object oriented analysis and design methodology
b.A traditional methodology based upon data flow and entity relationships

Ensure that for both and (b) methodologies you include appropriate diagrams to show the OUTLINE of your design

Task 4 NOTE: This Task is Optional; successful completion of Tasks 1- 3 will gain a Pass.
Analyse and Evaluate the system design that you have developed. Comment on the effectiveness of your design diagrams, compare strengths and weaknesses of the two development methodology approaches, traditional and object oriented.

This task requires students to undertake more private research, reflect on their own learning and demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts of system analysis, in order to be awarded aMerit or Distinction.

Learning Outcomes assessed by this coursework:

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