Discussion 3: Intro to fiction

In the “Introduction” section, the editor of your textbook makes a strong case for the necessity of literature. She makes the following statement after posing the questions “Why Read Literature?” (6): Literature written by people from various backgrounds and depicting various places, times, experiences, and feelings will give you some understanding of how others’ lives […]

Organizational Leadership Analysis

Scholarly Paper #1: Organizational Leadership Analysis – End of Module One ****The use of your own organization for this assignment is recommended (You can change the name). You may also use another organization in which you have sufficient knowledge. This assignment will not be shared with anyone and will remain confidential. The idea for this […]

Mind & Body/ Life After Death

Mind and Body Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. What is human consciousness? How is this central feature of our existence related to the natural functions of our physical bodies? Which traditional resolution of the mind-body problem is most nearly correct? These are grand, abstract metaphysical questions, but we have a ringside seat for observing their […]


Annotated Bibliography of these sources 150 words each. Shaffer, Dylan. “Why does design matter?” Medium, Medium, 8 Oct. 2013. Web. https://medium.com/@iamdylanshaffer/why-does-design-matter-dd53ef840911. 20 Jan. 2018. Shaughnessy, Adrian. “A Layperson’s Guide to Graphic Design.” Design Observer, AIGA, 28 Aug. 2008, designobserver.com/article.php?id=7257. 26 Jan. 2018. Rivero, Victor. “18 Reasons Why Design Matters.” Scholastic Administrator Magazine, 2004, www.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=31. 26 […]


Industrialization Which was the most successful reaction or critique of industrialization in the 19th century? In addition to the sources included in the course content, read the following to answer the question: “Luddites,” The National Archives, http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/politics/g3/ “White Slavery,” The National Archives, http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/politics/g8/ These two articles from the British National Archives describe the Luddite movement […]