Choose one of the following topics, and write an 800-word cause/effect essay.
Due date of draft: 04/06

1. “We always vilify what we don’t understand” (Nenia Campbell). Do you agree or disagree with Nenia Campbell? Why or why not? Can heroes and villains fall in love? Write a cause/effect essay explaining causes/effects of heroes and villains falling in love.
2. “There are new words now that excuse everybody. Give me the good old days of heroes and villains, the people you can bravo or hiss. There was a truth to them that all the slick credulity of today cannot touch” (Bette Davis). Do you agree or disagree with Bette Davis? Why or why not? If you were offered the role of the villain in a movie, would you accept and why? Write a cause/effect essay explaining what would cause you not to identify with “the hero.”

You are to take one of the topics and find one research item from each of the four following sources:
1. One book or E-book
a. You will need to look in the online catalog collection or in Resources to locate your book.
b. If you cannot find a book for your topic, substitute it with another article from one of the academic databases.
2. One article from Academic Search Complete
3. One article from Opposing Viewpoints database
4. One newspaper article selected from:
a. National Newspaper index OR
b. Use Newspaper Source database OR National Newspaper Premier

When you have found a source, print off the first page – and only the first page. [In the Print option, select Pages and put 1-1].
1. You will turn in a total of 4 pages for your assignment, STAPLED!
2. The first page is your Works Cited page in MLA format (example on back).
3. The following three pages will be the first page of each of your articles. Print
only the first page. Make sure each article is relevant to your research topic and be sure to alphabetize by author’s last name. You must have the following four items:
a. Book or E-Book (if you cite a hardcopy book, turn in a printout of the bibliographic reference page from the online catalog.)
1. Article from Academic Search Complete database
2. Article from Opposing Viewpoints database
3. Newspaper article
4. Write a short paragraph (100-150 words) directly below the last entry on the Works Cited page describing the following:
a. Has this exercise improved your information-seeking behavior?
Always select full-text, peer-reviewed journal articles.
b. Do you think you can use the skills learned in this assignment in future classes you take to complete your degree?
c. What was the most important thing you feel was taught in this assignment?
Must be alphabetized by Author’s last name to conform to MLA format.

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