Should chemical castration be applied on sexual offenders worldwide?

Here’s the outline:
1.    Open
•    Introduction: Definition of chemical castration (its characteristic, its effect on human bodies, its objects)
•    Mention: The majority of the world’s population are in favor of chemical castration applied to sexual criminals.
•    Statement: Along with jail time, chemical castration should be done on sexual offenders.
2.    Body
•    Reasons to apply:
+ Statistics in countries with high sexual criminals and the consequences it leaves on the victims.
+ Examples of countries which have applied chemical castration and its effects it brings.
+ Overall opinions: Chemical castration is a good solution to the question of dealing with sexual offenders.
•    Counter attacks on “Reasons to apply” – Reasons not to:
+ The side effects of chemical castration on human bodies irrelevant to the aim of this method (using medical reports).
+ The fear that it will be hard to condemn sexual offenders who have already undergone chemical castration but still commit a crime (using countries as examples).
+ The argument that this method will cut the hope of having future children of some sexual offenders.
•    Counter attacks on “Reasons not to”:
+ The side effects of chemical castration on human bodies can be dealt with and doctors will soon find a solution to perfect this kind of drug (using interviews and medical researches).
+ Sexual offenders who have already undergone chemical castration can still be imprison since their harassment actions are against the law and victims’ will.
+ The main purpose of applying chemical castration is to warn the intention of committing crimes and decrease the risk of the offenders for they will think of the consequences of not being able to have children. Therefore, we lowers the criminals.
3.    Ending
•    Restate that chemical castration should be applied.
•    Summarize all main reasons
•    Consequences of not applying and good results of the application.
•    Responsibilities of government – law makers and people to protects others and themselves.


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