Chemistry ERG

Chemistry ERG
Project description
1. In this portion of your assessment you will put together a 5 paragraph essay. Your essay should include a clear introduction, a three paragraph body, and a conclusion. You can include more than 5 paragraphs if you prefer. Paragraphs should be of substantial length. You should also use the reading materials and consider using additional background materials to support your argument. Materials should be cited using APA formatting style to include in-text citations and a reference list. You should also paraphrase information obtained from outside sources; that is, use your own words. Do not just paste in materials from outside sources. Limit directly quoted materials to no more than 3 sentences for the entire essay and always use quotation marks for items pasted in from outside sources.

Evaluate the case and, in a 5 paragraph essay, discuss how a fundamental knowledge of chemistry can help an emergency manager be prepared for such an incident. Make sure you use information from the document to support your central argument.

Chemical Reaction During Cargo Transfer. Hazardous Materials Accident Brief HZB/00/02.


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