The midterm essay question is worth 20 points.  Your answer should be at least 2-3 paragraphs in length. Make sure that you use AND CITE the course materials in your essay.  You should put page numbers in parenthesis after information taken from the text or write things such as “According to Chazan…”  There is a detailed grading at the very bottom of the page, but below is a general discussion of each grading category.

1.  Amount of Information – You will receive up to 6 points for addressing all topics within the question and answering them correctly.

2.  Quality of Information – You will receive up to 6 points for providing information that directly relates to the course material and for supporting your answer with numerous specific details and examples from the readings. Your details and examples should make it clear that you understand the materials.

3.  Mechanics – You will receive up to 3 points for using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Please do not use texting abbreviations.

4. Course Materials – You will receive 3 points for using course materials to answer the question. References to the material should be specific. For example, you should say things like, “According to Sutton….”You *must* use the course material to answer your question.  The questions are specifically written based on your course materials.  Answers drawn solely from the web are often unsatisfactory.

5.  Timeliness – You will receive two points for turning your paper in by the deadline.


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