Choose a country that has had to implement structural adjustments due to debt and pressure from transnational institutions (IMF or World Bank). What have been the consequences of this “solution” to this country’s people and sovereignty?

You should do extra research to support your thesis (overall answer to the question). I require at least 5 scholarly sources (books or journal articles).
•    Your word-processed assignments should follow APA format for preparing your paper and citing sources (no need for an abstract).
•    Be sure that you are presenting the concepts in your own words and that you include current information.
•    Submit a single file containing all elements of the essay (cover page, essay, reference list) via Moodle no later than the deadline in the Moodle site for this course.

Criteria for Evaluating Essay
Here is the set of criteria that will form the basis for evaluating assignments:
Substance (75 marks)
•    The essay answers the question and presents a logical and persuasive argument (strong thesis). (15 marks)
•    There is an adequate and correct use of concepts and theories, with evidence of critical thinking and analysis as well as synthesis of information throughout. (15 marks)
•    The discussion is based on reliable sociological evidence. Research sources are relevant, current, credible, and are clearly documented in the paper. There are at least 5 scholarly bibliographical sources (not web pages, they may be used, but not as part of the 5 required—electronic journal data bases are not considered web pages). These 5 sources may include the texts required for this course if they are relevant to the topic. (15 marks)
•    The introduction offers a sense of direction for the paper and presents a clear thesis statement to the reader and a brief outline of the points to be discussed. (15 marks)
•    The body develops the necessary aspects of the main idea and provides examples, support, or illustration for each aspect of the main idea. The conclusion summarizes the main points and ties them to the thesis; it also presents an impact statement and/or suggests direction for future research. (15 marks)

Writing Style and Format (25 marks)
•    Paragraphs are unified, developed, and coherent, with transitions between ideas. Sentences are grammatically correct; words are chosen for accuracy and impact. The writing follows the conventions of spelling and mechanics (punctuation, etc.) (15 marks)
•    The format follows the APA documentation style accurately and consistently and follows the required format in the instructions. There is a word-count at the end. (10 marks)


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