1) Discussion:
You’ve read the first two acts of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and you’ve met the important characters. These are the characters whose words, decisions, and actions will drive the plot to its tragic conclusion. Now consider the characters you’ve met.

• Name the character that interests you most.
• Explain what intrigues you about this character
• Why does he or she stand out to you from the whole cast? Support your explanation with evidence from the play.
• What do you think will happen to, or because of, this character in Acts 3–5? What in Acts 1 and 2 causes you to say so?

Earlier in the unit, you discussed the character you found most interesting from Acts 1 and 2. Now that you have read the entire play, you have all the “facts” about each character. You can now decide which character, in your opinion, is most responsible for the disastrous way things turn out. Develop your thoughts on why the character you choose bears most of the burden of guilt for the tragic deaths that end the play. Consider how the idea of haste, which is so important in the play, shapes the character’s actions and decisions. Then discuss your choice, using details from the play to explain your reasoning.

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