Cleopatra movie

Write a paper (1,300–1,500 words) with a thesis statement, an argument, a conclusion, and a list
of works cited based on evidence from the movie Cleopatra, which you will have watched, and
the assigned readings (see below). The thesis statement of your paper will serve as the answer to
the question below, followed by an argument that explains how your thesis statement answers the
Is the story of the movie Cleopatra historically plausible? Base your argument on scenes in the
film and support this argument with information from McKay.
Cleopatra (1963).
McKay, A History of Western Society, Chapters1, 4, 5 and 6.
Passing Grade:
For a passing grade your paper needs to be written in your own words and consist of a thesis
statement, an argument, a conclusion, and a list of works cited. It needs to contain accurately
included quotes immediately followed by accurate citations as well as summaries of the
information found in the secondary sources followed by citations.
Because your references should come from class readings, you may use parenthetical citation
within your text. That is, cite as follows: (McKay, A History of Western Society, p. 173).
(Cleopatra, 0:59–1:03). Note: In your Works Cited, an internet source is placed before the
primary sources. Also, you need to include the URL of the Britannica Online webpage that
you have visited, as well as the date when you accessed the web page.


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