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Written Homework 10 (section 5.1, 5.2) Name:______________________________
Math 112-101
Winter 2015
1. Find the equation of the function graphed below in the form
2. Sally invests $4000 in a savings account which compounds interest monthly. After 10 years, she has a balance of
$4,491.73. What is the annual interest rate of the account, rounded to the nearest 0.01%?
3. Melissa wants to have $15,000 in 6 years, so she will place money into a savings account that pays 4% interest
compounded continuously. How much should Melissa invest now to have $15,000 in 6 years? Round to the nearest
4. Consider the transformation of the natural exponential
Describe the transformations in an
appropriate order. Using transformations, draw an accurate sketch and use it to determine the domain, range, and
asymptote of

1. ____________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________
Sketches of base and transformed graphs:
domain:___________________ range:________________________ asymptote:______________________

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