Colonial American History

Colonial American History
1. While the fundamental differences in worldview influenced the early contacts between British North American colonists and Native American tribes these differences did not make conflict inevitable. With a focus on the Powhatan and the Wampanoag analyze how economic, social and geographic variables shaped their interactions.

2. Compare and contrast the relationship of mercantile trade goods and labor in at least two pre 1700 British and Spanish colonies in the Western Hemisphere with at least one on the eastern shore of North America.

3. Describe and analyze at least three variables that contributed toward the British North American Colonies creating the Declaration of Independence.

4. The Reformation of 1517 would reverberate through time impacting the British North American colonies. Analyze how issues of religion and governance in pre 1700 Maryland and Massachusetts impacted life in both colonies.

5. Describe and analyze virtual versus direct elected representation and how the interpretation by the British Empire and America Colonists impacted the American Revolution.

6. The transition from the use of Indigenous laborers and indentured servants in the British North American colonies to chattel slavery for manual skilled and unskilled labor was a process that evolved over 60 years. Consider this image of a Virginia Tobacco farm and analyze how it evolved.


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