Communicate the Value


Communicate the Value

Communicate the Value

You have 2 deliverables provided within one word document:

Using your Term Project’s Brand (NIKE), please provide –

· A Brand Identity Prism,

· An Integrated Marketing Communications Brief that would be used to instruct an external company that would be hired to develop an integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign for your company.

1. Brand Identity Prism
You will be creating a simple graphic as your brand identity prism. Introduce your brand in the ‘topic’ section, and in the ‘content’ section, identify your brand’s features & qualities (as demonstrated in the below example).

TOPIC: (NIKE) = Success

*From casual to formal
*Always comfortable

*Social distinctiveness

*Comfortable young men
*Good social standing
*Nice and rich
*Ideal son-in-law


*Boston elitism

*I belong to my time
*I am fashionable
*I am the elite

(these are examples.
use ‘your own’
Headings and
Bullet Point descriptions)

NOTE: Your graphic of the Brand Identity Prism must be a slide “print-out” submitted in a WORD document. Do not submit a PowerPoint document.

2. IMC Brief
The brief should be about 700–1,500 words, double spaced. It should be a concise document that answers the below questions (so as to guide the creative team that formulates your IMC campaign.

It should include the following section Headings (in this order), and provide appropriate content for each:

Why are we developing a new IMC campaign?
*What is the problem?
*What is our objective ?

Who is the target customer?
*Who are we trying to reach? What are the demographic characteristics of the target market, and what are their psychographic similarities?

What is the message?
*What is the purchase motivation message & product perception you wish to convey?
*What creative elements will you incorporate into your ongoing theme (e.g., graphics, slogan, logo, text font, corporate colors, etc.)?

How does our target audience currently perceive your company & product?
*Prior to launching this new marketing campaign, what has been your product’s consumer reputation?

How would we like the target audience to perceive your company & product?
*What specific changes do you wish to make to your product’s consumer reputation?

When will the message be delivered?
*What timeframe are we looking at for development, and what are the most advantageous dates for delivery of your message? Why?

Where will the message be delivered?
*What geographic locations and population centers will receive your campaign’s advertising message? Why?

Which media will provide the most effective communications mix?
*Identify at least 3 media venues which will simultaneously deliver your theme & messages. Why do you choose these venues?

How much will it cost?
*Present your rough budget ‘guestimate’ of (1) designing & producing your messages, and (2) purchasing your media exposure.

Format Guidelines:
• Correct content – In each draft of your plan, Submit only the content asked for in the specific assignment.
• Title Page – Include plan title, course name & number, student name, & submission date)
• Page header & running head, and page numbers on every page;
• Table of contents (with page numbers);
• Double-spaced text using Times New Roman 12-point type;
• Section Headings using Times New Roman 16-point, Upper & Lower Case, Bold Face, flush left;
• Sub-Headings (within sections) using Times New Roman 12-point, Upper & Lower Case, Bold Face, flush left;
• Graphics & charts – must be easily readable and imbedded into the document at the appropriate locations. They cannot be attached as separate documents.
• Reference Page (presented in APA style & updated with each draft). See APA guidelines in doc sharing.


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